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Supernova is part of a virtual season and is available to stream until: Feb 28, 2021 on Your Screen

  • Director: Bartosz Kruhlik
  • Year: 2018
  • Country: Poland
  • Run Time: 78 mins

Following a hit & run accident, a quiet country lane on a sunny day becomes the stage for a searing drama. Unfolding in real time and set entirely in one location, a wandering, enquiring camera watches as bystanders, police, relatives, emergency services and, eventually, the driver of the car arrive on the scene. Tension soars, connections are exposed, mob mentality ensues. It’s a remarkable achievement from first time writer/ director Bartosz Kruhlik. An incisive script, ferocious performances, relentless pacing and stabs of black humour, coalesce into an edge-of-your-seat experience that will leave you gasping for breath. Supernova won the Dublin Film Critics’ Award for Best Film at the 2019 Dublin International Film Festival, and the Best Debut Director, Feature Film at the 2019 Polish Film Festival.